Spiral Heat Exchanger

Spiral Heat Exchanger

Type I (BSFX) : Both Sides Spiral Flow Heat Exchanger

It enables both side fluids to form perfect counter flow, so the heat transmission is possible at minor difference of temperature and even when the contaminated substance in the fluid stays at wall surface or bottom due to the decrease in flux or stand by during the operation and once the flux is recovered it works as self-cleaning for the contamination due to the speed increase by the sectional decrease in flux passage of the part attached with the contaminated substance.

Type II (CSFX) : Cross Spiral Flow Heat Exchanger

It has a structure that the heat transmission between fluids occurs vertically and it is used for processing such mixtures or steam, gas or evaporation in large capacity.
The fluid passing vertically will go through heat exchanger at high speed with almost no pressure loss as a media for mainly steam or gas but sometimes it can be used for heat exchange of Liquid:Liquid which has much difference in the flux.


(1) Compact size and high efficiency guaranteed [ Heating area 580m2: 2m(D)X2.5m(H) ]
(2) Heat transmission enabled at little temperature difference by means of complete counter flow.
(3) Mixing proof between fluids owing to the perfect welding between both side fluid channels.
(4) Fully developed spiral flows in both channels make self cleaning effect and this leads very little fouling inside of channels.
(5) Easy for chemical cleaning or mechanical cleaning by opening the cover
(6) Guaranteed efficiency for maximized heat transmission by highly developed turbulent flow
(7) Nearly no maintenance cost required thanks to the minimized fouling and non-use of gasket
(8) Heat exchange of fluid containing slurry