Bloc Exchanger

Bloc Exchanger

Bloc Exchanger is a welded plate type heat exchanger which can be applied up to pressure of 42 bar and temperature of 375 ℃. This is because the heat plates are welded instead of the rubber gaskets used in conventional plate heat exchangers.

Bloc Exchanger consists of a fully welded plate pack, four side panels, top and bottom heads, and four columns, and it can be easily assembled by bolts. These side panels can be detached swiftly and allow free access all the way around for the thorough and easy cleaning of the fully-welded plate package.

Bloc Exchanger flow

Technically, Bloc Exchanger has counter-flow, but when the flow passes are increased by the baffle, the heat exchange efficiency can be high because the flow pattern approaches the real countercurrent flow.

Plate material

SS316L is a basic plate material for Bloc Exchanger, and the following materials are also used.

● SS304, SS316L, 254SMO
● Nickel : Ni.200
● Nickel alloy : C-276, 825, 625, Indology, Hastelloy
● Titanium : Ti.Gr.1, Ti.Gr.11