Disk & Shell Heat Exchanger

Disk & Shell Heat Exchanger

DHP’s new development ‘Disk & Shell Heat Exchanger’ is a heat exchanger which is composed of the good points of shell & tube heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger.
This heat exchanger is welded plate pack in high pressure vessel. The maximum pressure is up to 100bar and the temperature is up to 400°C. The main application is condenser, evaporator and the units require high pressure and high temperature but small size.


(1) High efficiency of heat transfer

Since the corrugation of the heat exchanger plate forms turbulent flow in low Reynolds number, the overall coefficient of heat transfer is approx. 3,000~6,000kcal/㎡hr℃ which is 4~5 times higher than multi-tubular heat exchanger.

(2) High pressure resisting quality

Since the shell structure between the heat transfer plates is a full welded type, maximum working pressure is available up to 100 bar.

(3) High heat resistance

Because of the full welded type without using gasket, the working temp is available up to 400℃.

(4) High economic feature

The price is low compared to that of multi-tubular heat exchanger and the size is less than 1/4 saving the installation space and weight. No need to replace the gasket periodically due to the full welded structure, so the maintenance cost can be saved as lowest as possible. Moreover, it has outstanding effect due to compact type condenser for vapor in large capacity.